Volume 30,Issue 10,2023 Table of Contents

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Adaptive Plan and Management of National Parks
  ZHANG Yujun
  2023,30(10):8-9 [Abstract(147)]  [View PDF 775.91 K (96)]

Special: Adaptive Plan and Management of National Parks

Tendency of International Research on Adaptive Recreation Management of National Parks
  SU Yijing, LI Yi, CONG Li, ZHANG Yujun
  2023,30(10):12-19 [Abstract(113)]  [View PDF 4.07 M (107)]
Adaptive Planning and Management of Wilderness in National Parks: Insights from North America
  (USA)Vance G. Martin, (CA)Harvey Locke, CAO Yue, ZHANG Qian
  2023,30(10):20-33 [Abstract(107)]  [View PDF 1.80 M (81)]
Ecological Space Management and Regulation Unit of National Park: Concept, Formation and Application
  DENG Yi, MAO Ziyi, XING Chengyue, HUANG Jinling
  2023,30(10):34-41 [Abstract(118)]  [View PDF 3.75 M (137)]
A Framework for Adaptive Collaborative Governance of National Park Communities and Its Effectiveness in Practice: A Case Study of Community A in Tangjiahe Area of Giant Panda National Park
  HE Xi, WANG Xiaojun, SHEN Limin, ZHUANG Youbo
  2023,30(10):42-48 [Abstract(93)]  [View PDF 2.26 M (80)]
A Behavior-Based Approach for Refined Zoning and Management of Protected Areas
  PENG Wanting, YANG Wenhui, WU Chengzhao
  2023,30(10):49-56 [Abstract(99)]  [View PDF 17.74 M (134)]
Application of Conservation Action Planning in the Preparation of Management Plan for Yangtze Finless Porpoise Nature Reserve
  LUO Yongmei, JIN Tong
  2023,30(10):57-62 [Abstract(81)]  [View PDF 11.72 M (92)]


The Starting Point of Memory: Landscape Design Project of Meizhou Cultural Village
  ZENG Weimin, LIU Xuan, XU Xiyan, YUAN Songting
  2023,30(10):63-68 [Abstract(100)]  [View PDF 14.41 M (108)]
Wisdom & On Cloud: Renewal Design of Public Space in Shenzhen Cloud Park
  LIN Junying, ZENG Yanjuan, ZHENG Chunming, ZENG Yanhong
  2023,30(10):69-73 [Abstract(114)]  [View PDF 12.16 M (98)]


Military Defense System of the Great Wall in Hami Region of Xinjiang Under the Influence of Oasis
  CHANG Di, LI Yan, KONG Xiangzheng
  2023,30(10):74-82 [Abstract(87)]  [View PDF 11.17 M (116)]
Living with Climate Change Through Public Space
  (THA) YOSSAPON Boonsom, (THA) MARISA Paleebat, (THA) JINTAPA Noipang, LIU Rui, BIAN Simin
  2023,30(10):83-95 [Abstract(87)]  [View PDF 18.01 M (93)]
Digital Conservation of World Cultural and Natural Heritage and New International Trends Thereof
  YANG Chen, CHEN Zhiyu
  2023,30(10):96-102 [Abstract(74)]  [View PDF 2.06 M (95)]
Research on Planning of Intelligent Route Selection for Greenway in Central Urban Area: A Case Study of Suqian
  JIANG Jinliang, GAO Zhan, XU Yunyi, CHEN Jun
  2023,30(10):103-110 [Abstract(104)]  [View PDF 11.87 M (96)]
Landscape Characteristics and Formation Mechanism of Traditional Settlement in the Putian Plain Under the Guidance of Water Conservancy Construction
  CHEN Song, WANG Xiyue, LIN Qing
  2023,30(10):111-118 [Abstract(81)]  [View PDF 16.27 M (95)]
Characteristics and Influencing Factors of Natural Ventilation in Summer of Traditional Dwellings in Central Fujian
  ZHANG Binghua, HUANG Yongxin, YANG Yuanchuan, ZHAO Lizhen
  2023,30(10):119-127 [Abstract(92)]  [View PDF 33.97 M (130)]
“Apricot Grove Garden in Lingnan”: The Formation of Jiangnan Scenery Imagery by Literati Gatherings for Apricot Blossom
  LI Yiman, YUAN Xiaomei
  2023,30(10):128-134 [Abstract(92)]  [View PDF 6.10 M (83)]
Demand Satisfaction Evaluation of Child-Friendly Space in Historical Blocks: A Case Study of Jiaochangkou in the Old City of Beijing
  LIU Ying, LIU Yifei
  2023,30(10):135-140 [Abstract(103)]  [View PDF 2.12 M (92)]