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International Landscape Architecture Education in the Past 70 Years and Future Prospect
  2021(10):6-7 [Abstract(18)]  [View PDF 1.70 M (4)]

Special1: International Landscape Architecture Education in the Past 70 Years and Future Prospect

Gratitude to The Communist Party of China for Nourishing Landscape Architecture Discipline: In Honor of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of Landscape Architecture Discipline
  MENG Zhaozhen
  2021(10):10-18 [Abstract(14)]  [View PDF 3.76 M (1)]
Landscape Architecture Education in Changes and Development
  WANG Xiangrong
  2021(10):19-26 [Abstract(12)]  [View PDF 1.58 M (2)]
A Review and Prospect of Landscape Education Before and After the World War Ⅱ: A Case Study of Practical Education in Japan
  SHEN Yue
  2021(10):27-40 [Abstract(14)]  [View PDF 4.68 M (3)]
Landscapes Remade: Emerging Landscape Design Practices and Pedagogy for the New Environmental Reality
  (USA) Niall Kirkwood, FU Quanchuan
  2021(10):41-50 [Abstract(12)]  [View PDF 3.30 M (2)]
Design Activism: A Call to Action for Landscape Architecture Education
  (USA) Jeffrey Hou, LI Yan
  2021(10):51-62 [Abstract(13)]  [View PDF 5.03 M (1)]
Student-Centered Learning in Landscape Architecture: The Special Project in the Final Year of the Master’s Programme at the University of Sheffield
  (DEU) Eckart Lange, (NED) Jan Woudstra, LU Xi
  2021(10):63-71 [Abstract(12)]  [View PDF 4.10 M (3)]
Current Situation and Analysis of the Discipline and Specialty Setting of Landscape Architecture in China
  LIN Guangsi, LUO Yue
  2021(10):72-83 [Abstract(15)]  [View PDF 2.13 M (3)]

Special2: The Health and Healing Value of Landscape Architecture

Garden Cities in the New Millenia
  (CAN) Patrick Mooney, JIANG Bei
  2021(10):84-95 [Abstract(15)]  [View PDF 5.44 M (2)]
“Sensewalk Mapping” as a Method for Teaching Multi-sensorial Landscape Perception
  (DEU/CAN) Daniel Roehr, WEI Feiyu, (CAN) Sean Bailey
  2021(10):96-106 [Abstract(13)]  [View PDF 3.59 M (3)]
Towards a Landscape of Equality: Design of the Palladian Villa to Control Access to Health
  (CAN) Fionn Byrne, LUO Rongrong
  2021(10):107-119 [Abstract(13)]  [View PDF 2.17 M (3)]
Growing Architecture for the Planetary Garden: Position Paper on Living Architecture in the Context of Gardens and Healthy Environment
  (DEU) Ferdinand Ludwig, (DEU) Daniel Schönle, LI Mengyixin
  2021(10):120-126 [Abstract(13)]  [View PDF 6.23 M (2)]