Volume 29,Issue 9,2022 Table of Contents

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Cognition and Perception of Landscape Architecture
  2022,29(9):8-9 [Abstract(96)]  [View PDF 2.12 M (85)]

Special: Digital Technology and Landscape Perception

Towards Landscape Interaction: Inheritance and Development of Landscape Perception and Visual Evaluation
  LIU Binyi
  2022,29(9):12-17 [Abstract(128)]  [View PDF 2.26 M (99)]
Evaluation on Visual Landscape Perception Under the Support of Digital Footprint: A Case Study of Historic Urban Landscape of the Qinhuai River Area
  ZHOU Xiang, LIU Ziyue, SHI Jiaying
  2022,29(9):18-25 [Abstract(78)]  [View PDF 5.62 M (79)]
Research on Evaluation of Audio-Visual Perception Quality of Urban Parks: A Case Study of Chengdu Outer-Ring Ecological Zone
  SHAO Yuhan, XUE Zhenying, HAO Yiying, YIN Yuting
  2022,29(9):26-32 [Abstract(74)]  [View PDF 3.21 M (73)]
Quantitative Research on Landscape Emotion Based on Scenescape Electroencephalogram GRA-TOPSIS Model: A Case Study of Xiangyang Weidong Plant
  LI Zhe, WANG Liya, GAO Ying, LI Jie
  2022,29(9):33-40 [Abstract(63)]  [View PDF 6.33 M (68)]
Urban Street View Landscape Indices and Neighborhood-Scale Feature Effects
  BAO Ruiqing, (ECU) Alexis Arias Betancourt
  2022,29(9):41-47 [Abstract(69)]  [View PDF 8.28 M (59)]
The Influence of Human-Computer Interaction on Landscape Perception in the Digital Context
  ZHANG Yang, GE Mengting, DONG Mengbin, SHEN Xiwei
  2022,29(9):48-54 [Abstract(86)]  [View PDF 5.77 M (79)]
Built Environment Auditing Based on Multi-source Data and Embodied Evidence-Based Technology: A Case Study of Dishui Lake Station Square in Shanghai Lingang New City
  YE Yu, ZHAN Gong, HAN Yun
  2022,29(9):55-61 [Abstract(72)]  [View PDF 6.01 M (60)]


Awakening Waterfront Memories in Urban Space: Design of Water-Crossing Park in Luxelakes, Chengdu
  Lab D+H SH
  2022,29(9):62-66 [Abstract(60)]  [View PDF 23.38 M (60)]
Parametric Design of Langfang Exhibition Garden
  2022,29(9):67-70 [Abstract(34)]  [View PDF 15.28 M (44)]
Magma Flow
  100 Architects (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  2022,29(9):71-75 [Abstract(28)]  [View PDF 25.19 M (39)]


Research on the Historical Phases of Chinese Modern Landscape Architecture
  HE Mengyao, ZHAO Jijun
  2022,29(9):76-83 [Abstract(43)]  [View PDF 6.16 M (51)]
Vegetation Restoration Strategies for Abandoned Quarry from the Perspective of Landscape Architecture
  JIA Lyuyuan, LIN Qing, WANG Xiangrong, ZHANG Shiyang
  2022,29(9):84-91 [Abstract(41)]  [View PDF 28.94 M (50)]
Urban Park Green Space Supply and Demand Evaluation Based on Improved Two-Step Floating Catchment Area Method: A Case Study of the Area Within the Third Ring Road in Chengdu
  HU Ang, LIU Yangyang, DAI Weiwei, DU Wenwu
  2022,29(9):92-98 [Abstract(41)]  [View PDF 6.20 M (50)]
Landscape Character Identification in Large-Scale Linear Heritage Areas: A Case Study of Beijing Great Wall Cultural Belt
  HE Ding, LU Lina, WANG Jing, ZHANG Jie
  2022,29(9):99-106 [Abstract(29)]  [View PDF 6.21 M (47)]
Rural Landscape Perception from the Perspective of Internationalization: A Case Study of Onna Village, Okinawa, Japan
  YANG Ruochen, SU Chang, ZHAO Jianye, ZHANG Junhua
  2022,29(9):107-112 [Abstract(63)]  [View PDF 3.14 M (62)]
Research on Woodlands for Conservation of Natural Enemies in View of Urban Forest Construction
  LIU Zhiruo, YIN Hao
  2022,29(9):113-120 [Abstract(35)]  [View PDF 2.07 M (44)]
Internal and External Layout of Rockery in Small and Medium-Scale Gardens Under the Positioning of Realistic Mountain Scenery
  YUE Zhi, XIA Yujie
  2022,29(9):121-127 [Abstract(34)]  [View PDF 6.90 M (49)]
Research on Howqua’s Garden in the Late Qing Dynasty in Fa-ti, Canton from Spatial Construction to Cultural Production Thereof
  PENG Changxin, ZHANG Xin
  2022,29(9):128-134 [Abstract(51)]  [View PDF 10.74 M (47)]
Continuation and Transmutation: Research on Modern Landscape Aesthetics Based on the Historical Image and Text Materials of the Pictorial Young Companion (1926–1945)
  WANG Xinzi, MAO Huasong
  2022,29(9):135-141 [Abstract(35)]  [View PDF 7.55 M (46)]